Mission statement

For the English readers – This is my Danish blog about indoor climate and buildings in general. Hopefully I will have my international blog buildingsoftomorrow.com up and running in a few months.

Here is my mission statement:

My passion is the built environment! Sometimes I wonder what I see and hear regarding our buildings. Of course there are the good stories – buildings which are architectural fantastic and a delight for the occupants to stay in. But when you take a step back, you often realize that there is not always an alignment between our initial intentions and what we archive when the building is finished and in function.

I believe the time has come to make sure that our buildings perform well also after five years. No doubt that buildings have become more “technical” and that they rely more and more on the automation of the technical system to fulfill the sustainability, energy and indoor climate goal.

I will like to be a part of the solution! First step: Focus on the end goal of our building which is a safety and a productive built environment.

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